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Sharing our expertise, caring about you.

We are a team of Clinical Psychologists who have extensive training and experience within the NHS and private sectors.

Physchologists Dr Sarah Brothwell Dr Helen Courtney Dr Rachael Neall


Share psychology came about through our desire to provide a safe and effective psychological service within the private sector. Our common values are putting compassion at the heart of all we do,  building therapeutic relationships and having a focus on meaningful change. Coming together in a partnership enables us to share our experience and skills so that we can better guide and support you wherever you are on your journey.

Meet The Team

Why choose a Clinical Psychologist? 

Clinical Psychologists have completed an undergraduate psychology degree and a further 3-year Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. The Doctoral level training is undertaken within a range of clinical settings in the NHS and with a variety of client groups including adults, children, families, older people and disadvantaged groups. Clinical Psychologists work with and support people to make changes in their lives, using research-based approaches and following evidence-based guidelines provided by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the Department of Health.

Whilst counsellors and psychotherapists also deliver talking therapies, and psychiatrists may also undertake talking therapy alongside prescribing medication, Clinical Psychologists differ by their training in a range of therapy approaches, which together with their in depth understanding of psychological theory means they can provide an individualised treatment approach which is also underpinned by expertise in researching and evaluating therapy approaches.
Clinical Psychologists are regulated by the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC). The role of HCPC is to protect the public by setting standards for conduct and training; it is the law that Clinical Psychologists and other applied Psychologists must be registered with HCPC in order to practice within the UK. You can check if someone is registered here Check the Register and find a registered health and care professional | (

Why choose a Clinical Psychologist? 
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